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After glancing at an example of "jumping in at the deep end" Ill introduce myself properly to save myself an embaressing moment.

Ill make it breif. Ive been into 2000AD since...Saturday! Bought loads and loads of back Progs and got my first graphic novel this morning Dredd Vs Death. That's pretty much it for my new found 2000AD side of life really. Oh and I like it because it's cheap and easy to get hold of.
Other boring stuff, I practice and teach martial arts, I love my music which spans over nearly all the genres. Im into computers/modding/building/gaming and programm hacking. That's about it really.    Hope that's enough because my minds blank. Ill just email out my CV if that doesn't suffice.

Looking forward to posting on the boards.

Pete Wells:
Delayed Hi back, McMonkeyboy!

Cor, I'm a bit jealous you've a whole lot of great reading ahead of you! Welcome to the board and be sure to keep us informed of your highs and lows as you progress through the progs!

Dark Jimbo:
Wow, a brand new reader, what to recommend?

Well, I suggest ABCWarrirosNemesisStrontiumDogBadCompanyHaloJonesKingdomShakaraNikolaiDante *pause for breath* RoboHunterButtonManRogueTrooperDR&QuinchACETrucki-- Ah, you'll work out what you like for yourself in due time. Happy readings!

hey there Monkeyboy, so we have a spanking new reader here well have lots of fun getting up to date.

Thanks for the welcome guys, I just finished reading "Classic Judge Dredd featuring Judge Death" and thought it was awesome! Way ahead of it's time too for when it was made. I take it the Dark JUdges have made quite a few re-appearances since then!?!


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