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Grant Goggans:
If I could make a suggestion... is there really a need for separate pages for (character) and (series) at all?  Why not just have one page, and leave room for a "fictional character biography" - as Wikipedia terms it - there for us to fill out?

Some series aren't characters, and some characters aren't series. This is a descendant from the Vault (front page) setup, where it doesn't make sense database-wise to mix the two into one entity.

Really though, the wiki is free for you guys to figure out. Can you make a separate topic about it?

Just one thing that could lead to confusion, if you go to a creators page and click on edit in one of the sections you don't do to a box where you can edit the section, you go to the template and edit that bit of the template (which then inserts that text in every page using the template). To add content to a page you need to edit the whole page.

Is there any way to kill the section [edit] links in the mainspace to avoid this problem? If anyone wanted to change the template they can still go to that specific page.

You'd need to edit in the magic word "__NOEDITSECTION__", which hides edit section links, into each of the templates.

I might do this myself if I get some spare time.

OK cool. I've added that to Character, Creator, Megazine, Prog, Series and Story.


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