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Dog Deever:
I'd say context is everything. When the intent is to belittle it's belittling, when it's done in ignorance it's ignorant and when it's an elbow-in-the-ribs joke it's just banter.

I find 'Jock' more irritating than 'Scotch'-'Scotch' seems like standard issue banter with the expectation of some sort of pseudo-angry reply about Scotch being a drink typed in faux-Scotch by at least one itinerant Jock. Like a ritual jokey piss-take on the entire concept by both parties.
Back when I was a window cleaner, the general reply would be "shut it ya Guffy prick" and everyone would laugh and move along, the ritual enacted for the day and there was no malice to be found at any point.

But I do hate 'Jock' - it's irrational, it just reminds me of 'Stop Your Tickling Jock', grainy black & white film of an old guy in a kilt with a ridiculous hat, tweed jacket a massive brogues, or The Goodies- I've only ever seen anyone looking like that on TV and I'm a sheepshagger (by birth, not by practice- that was never proved).
I don't know I just find it denigrating for, admittedly, completely incoherent reasons. It just seems heavily laden with negative, sneering national stereotyping, where as 'Scotch' has none of that baggage, IMO.
But it's unlikely to get a reaction out of me, except a fleeting look of minor irritation.

I don't have a conclusion either, I just thought a couple of Sweaty Socks drunkenly swinging their sporrans at each other about haggis or chips or whatever was too hilarious to miss out on.


I’m a bit late to this, but I’ll say that using Scotch for anything other than a drink is usually a sign that the user wants to niggle, offend or irritate a Scot. It’s part of “banter” culture now, which I despise.

I personally don’t like it and people who use it go way down in my estimation.


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