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Meg 425 - The God of Death

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Cover by Nick Percival:

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Cool Beans.

It’s a good issue, Dreadnoughts is too close to home in a way that feels important, Megatropolis is Elseworldsing it up in amusing fashion, Deliverance is suitably daffy and dark in equal measure, and I need to re-read The Returners so I can remember who these people are.

The Wagner Dredd is an odd one. A typically terse and smart Wagner strip, and the art is broadly very, very good. But we for some reason appear to be in a place where Beeny is the only woman in the justice department. Every other street judge, every member of Control, and even Citi-Def: all men—and almost all (depending on a couple of frames where there might be one non-white man) white men. I know I bang on about this a lot, but, please, art droids, write a little note or something to remind you to draw beyond what’s in the mirror.

(Note: I’m aware gender breakdown is unbalanced anyway. Looking at Data USA, men outnumber women by about 6 to 1 in US policing, and 65% of officers are white. But even those numbers show more diversity than most Dredd strips, and if we’re projecting 100 years into the future you’d hope things haven’t got even worse.)

This months floppy is Bob Byrne's Twisted Tales with the ABC continuing next month

Lovely cover!

Dredd - The Victims Of Bennett Beeny, Part 2. The star of the Meg. Action heavy but also with a few really good comedy moments, it reads more like a tale of old/before Chaos Day. Stunning art and a good cliff-hanger ending! One of the best pieces of Dredd I've read in a long time which says a lot given how good a strip it generally is anyway.

Megatropolis, Part 2. Only two episodes in to this new strip but it has enough about it at the moment to keep my interest. Great artwork.

Dreadnoughts - Breaking Ground, Part 2. Again, only 2 episodes in with this new strip but I'm totally engaged with this one. The rise of a facistic police force in a near future scenario set in a nation with a lunatic President...You really couldn't make it up!
Glib comparisons with the real world aside: Good strip based on the little I've seen so far.

The Returners - Heartswood, Part 2. I'm not a fan.

Deliverance, Part 2. Space Death-Cult find their Messiah (who genuinely is a very naughty boy) and fail miserably to free him. Glib nonsense aside: I like this strip a lot.

The Floppy is a collection of Bob Byrne's Twisted Tales which is nice and hopefully heralds the fact that at the most we will see Encyclopedias bi-monthly instead of every issue. I don't begrudge the the encyclopedia supplement but at the same time I personally have no use for it.



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