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Meg 426: blocking move!

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The Monarch:
no prog but i did get my meg today still to read it but yes the 2000ad encyclopedia covers a certain priest patrol member this time round so thats worth the early post of this....will add more as i read it

Too early for Soul Sisters, surely...

I read about half of mine last night. Judge Dredd was wrapped up pretty quickly. Feels like America is still Wagner’s turf at this point. A nice enough tale, but I hope he writes some more soon. Megatropolis is having Elseworlds larks, but also throws something new and intriguing into the mix. Check out the gun design. Dreadnoughts continues to be terrifyingly on the nose, showcasing in stark fashion how rapidly a country can irrevocably change for the worse.

I got my copy through the door earlier, not only bent down the middle by the postman in spite of the "PLEASE DO NOT BEND!" message, but also with a rubber band around it. Fortunately, the brunt of the bendage seems to have been borne by an extra copy of part 2 of the 2000 AD encyclopedia. Tharg the all-knowing has clearly pre-empted the Royal Mail's wanton attack.

Our current postie seems to delight in folding comics in half, shoving them into the letterbox and leaving them, the miserable sod. (We don’t tend to have the same one for long, fortunately, and I hope his replacement is better.)


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