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Brian Bolland Apex Edition

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Does anyone know if the Standard Edition without print will be available for regular sale through the shop come release day or was it only via pre-orders?

I wasn't convinced by the expense of the Limited version but forgot to order the Standard one and it now looks like it isn't available through the shop any more.

I may get pretty miffed if I miss this one.

Max Headroom:
Forbidden Planet has the Apex edition available for pre-order at £65 due for release on 16th February 2022.

Yeah thanks, I've managed to get one reserved in Berlin which should work out cheaper for me than FP in the UK. I was hoping I could support Rebellion by ordering direct but I guess I missed that chance.

This is now back up for sale, direct from the Rebellion shop:

I seem to be talking to myself in this thread but anyway here's some more bad news:
The world wide paper shortage has hit production of this book and it now wont be released until April. Probably. If we're lucky. Bugger.



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