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Octobriana with Love

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Barrington Boots:
The digital edition came through to me as a KS backer yesterday and it's totally insane and really great.
Simon Fraser's art here is a standout and skimming ahead there's some glorious double page spreads. Anyone else get this?

Link Prime:
I backed it, but haven't checked out the pdf yet.

Kinda regret backing it to be honest - heard a few weeks ago that it will be getting a general release, so what coulda cost me a tenner ended up being close to €50 (incl postage and few extra bubblegum cards).

Seems to be the way of these things though.

Barrington Boots:
Agree on that, it is a pain. I like to back stuff on kickstarter but when things are easily hitting their funding goals, a lot of the motivation is FOMO. I tend to stick to smaller stuff with comics usually so I'm hoping those bubblegum cards are worth the custom fees!

Very enjoyable read so far though.

I was interested, but like a lot Kickstarters, the postage was brutal. I’m glad to hear it’s getting a general release (but understand your frustration).

Colin YNWA:
Yeah the postage is a killer. I've had to dropped a couple of comics when they have moved to Kickstarter exclusives from the US as they postage was just prehibitive - could go digital but not always what you want.

Waiting on a Jeff Smith Kickstarter - which has been quietly chaotic (what do Backerpack do? I thought they specialised in helping with Kickstarters - seeing littel evidence with this one) and while I have some love stuff coming (eventually) the postage has been eye watering!


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