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Agreed. This is one of the best subscriber gifts 2000 AD has done—a lovely thing for collectors, and an interesting curio for everyone.

Have to say it looks far too glossy, shame they couldn't do it on the old style bog paper to give it that classic look.
Still the best free gift so far

Well, it turned up today so colour me surprised.  This is the first subscriber gift I've actually received in quite a while.

In all honesty there is nothing new here.  It reprints material that has seen print in Bishop's tomes. 

That is not to decry it mind.  Having it as a standalone does make a difference, not to mention the size by comparison with what we've seen in print to date.


Leigh S:
When I chaased up my badges from last year the other week, they told me the sub gift system hs been automated, so perhaps this is the beginning of a New Age of stress free subs gifts!

Double digital which for some reason means I don't get gifts.

Have I mentioned that before?


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