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Outlaw v Rage - Bolt-01 Cup - SEMI-FINAL 1

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Colin YNWA:

Well this one settled down towards the end but for a while there, man it looked like it was going to be close. I mean it looked like we might get what I would think of as a BIG surprise... but in the end. There is no denying that Outlaw has been a massively popular in this vote and holds a place in folks hearts and in the mythos of Johnny Alpha.

In the end though sanity (ahem well I couldn't vote so I'll let biases ourt here!) returned and


Got this one and got the place in the final I always thought it would. Join us tomorrow when we learn if my other predicted finalist makes it as well... its looking shaky!

The Bissler:
Damn, I also missed this one too! Outlaw was my favourite, but I can totally understand why Rage proved more popular! Both are pure class!


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