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New film ripped off 2000AD story

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I remember a Dredd story in which a childrens tv presenter (in a SIMP costume?)is sacked. His wife (on the TV show) is having an affair with his co presenter.
It all ended badley with  Dredd getting involved (it was his story). Am I right? Is my memory failing me??

Well the new Robin Williams - Ed Norton - Danny DeVito film is coming out called "Death To Smoochy". It follows the above story - just no Dredd.

Someone better tell Tharg - and get those lawyers involved.

This happened with a film called "Hardware" which was based on a Future Shock




Thread Zero:
The story was by Wagner (I think.) Early full colour art by Liam Sharpe if my memory circuits haven't burnt.
Dredd busted the kiddies presenters and poor old Bungle and Zippy were done for molesting Sooty too.

Who would have thought it, eh?


2000AD Online:
Talking of rip-offs, was there ever any acknowledgment of the similarities between 'Jurassic Park' and the dinosaur theme park introduced in 'The Cursed Earth'? And what of Liam Sharpe's swiping from just about everybody?

I often wondered about the whole Cursed Earth cloning thing and Jurassic Park.

I can only assume there was an article back in the seventies in a scientific paper or newspaper that said it could be possible and both got their inspiration for that.

Or Crichton is a thief (just kidding rich man with lawyers), it is very similar.  Mind you Jurassic Park was just a re-working of Westworld with dinosaurs.  

Didn't an episode of flesh have a beserk robotic gunslinger just like Westworld?(I can't remember but there is a picture of one on the Flesh cardgame).

They could make a Flesh film or cursed Earth dinosaur pic very similar to Jurassic Park (but perhaps make it not so tedious and dull) and avoid prosecutiom.

2000AD Online:
'Flesh', as envisioned by Andy Warhol. 'A day in the life of male dinowhore'. I have some vague memory of this robot gunslinger you mention, but. . . Nope, it's gone.


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