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yet again...johnny red


pardon rubbishness with key dad...drinks...jolly

seeking scans...overambition on web projects leads to starlord, 100 bullets, action and now johnny red.

thin stretching prevails....

request scans of or stuff about johnny red 1977...circe battle 100 up to merger...action...etc.

also request history/profile regards tully, tom...colquhoun, joe...cooper, john...pino, carlos...

interviews, stuff, other....

genuine long lasting old school (skool?) british comic hero in underappreciated except by marbles shock...!!

graphic to follow... it's a sevenpennynightmare site...again!!Link: splash page only....

Demon Chicken:
Ol, who's gonna be in town?
If there's gonna be enough we can organise ourselves a mini-ShedCon.

Or not.

Anyone else up for it?

go for it moose !

your welcome to use anything from my old site if u want to.

i have scanned in about 6 mths worth of episodes from 1978 you can have too

if there is anything specific you need above that let me know


thanks many for that...i'll mail you shortly with a liust of outrageous demands!!

nein...the djavol..aaaaaaaiiiiiiieeeeeee

Za Rodinu!

Anything ever come of that guy I found on ebay?


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