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Dredd: The Complete Case Files

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There's no reason to leave out Fading of the Light and I really hope they don't. The prog and meg stories aren't too out of kilter to make Doomsday work when they get to it -- it's still a few volumes away.

Its in the america book - leave it out!

That's like saying The Apocalypse War, The Judge Child and The Cursed Earth are in other books -- leave them out!

It's The Complete Case Files.

It's not really though is it, and anyway that has been the policy in the past - no america or any of the crossover stories like aliens, judgment in gotham etc.

Buy the America book. The Mega Collection one is great.

Well it would be if they hadn't left the first one out (and the Kenny Who? sequel).

America II isn't a crossover. They're only leaving those out because of the shared copyright, and there's a collection of all of those.

I also have the America collection, so it's not that I'm missing out. It's just that given how important the America stories are in the Judge Dredd series, it seems like a baffling decision to leave them out of a series which purports to be a complete series.


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