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Rara Avis:
F**king diabolical!

The only one I'm not happy with is Lan, was really expecting something else. I'd always pictured him looking like the actor who plays Rollo in Vikings but let's hope the actor they've chosen kills it in the role.

Afaik the first season will not correlate to the first book (they won't get to Camelyn until S2) so I wonder how long this is going to go for?

There’s a couple of clips out there one of them showing Alan doing his business and he looks good doing it.  I think they are shuffling things about a bit copaired to the books so we get Tar Valon and the White Tower this season with Camlyn next season.  We are also getting ore if Logan the False Dragon in season 1 and I don’t think he even got a mention in book 1

CU Radbacker

The Enigmatic Dr X:

--- Quote from: Rara Avis on 16 October, 2021, 09:10:46 AM ---I wonder how long this is going to go for?

--- End quote ---

Until people don't watch it, and they cancel it without reaching a conclusion. I mean, it's 13 doorstop books. That could be 26 seasons; so 30 years.

It. Will. Never. End.

Rara Avis:
I thought Logain did appear in Book 1; when Mat and Rand are trying to have a goo at him and end up in the palace gardens and meet Elayne. Was that Book 1?

Well as long as it stays quality the whole way through; you can count me in. I can't wait to see the Aiel; excitement levels are to the max by 10 squared.

 I liked the books back in the day,but the trailer didn't really impress me. You want the next GoT,we get it, Amazon.


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