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I tired at book 3 but have 4-5 waiting for me to read...i enjoyed it but i thought the female character too interchangeable for my liking and the whole (insert the nun religion thing here trials) a bit dull and over convoluted.

The Enigmatic Dr X:
I saw the pilot just after reading the books and quite enjoyed it. Sure, it was made without a budget or care, but it was set before the books (at the time the previous Dragon was going nuts) and had a few nods to the books’ backstory.

Rara Avis:
Haha yes Jordan is quite the fan of powerful (read difficult) women.

That actually sounds interesting, I might watch it.

Rara Avis:
Hitting our screens on November 19th:

I am so excited!

Also scared it might end up like GoT but mostly excited.

Yes I’m waiting, this, The Boys and The Expanse are why I have an Amazon Prime account.  I’m hopeful everything looks good so far (except Perrin is taller than Rand 🤪) it’ll be interesting how they depict The One Power on screen as it’s quite visual in the books being described as weaving the one power from the preview doesn’t look like they have that part down but it may be different when we see it from the characters point of view as only they can see the weaves the normals just see the results.  I do like the casting and can’t wait for Nynaeve to tug her braid 😊😊

CU Radbacker


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