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I liked Balls Brothers too...well certainly compared with its peers (Space Girls, BLAIR1, Big Dave). John Wagners wit shone through.

Hmm superheroes... What is the definition of superhero? Someone with special powers that they use for good? If so perhaps Nikolai Dante can be considered with his bio-blades?


Where's Nads when you need her.

I tend to go with unique individual who's working outside the laws.

Which covers vigilantes. So I'd add, must wear spandex.

Billy the Cat was a superhero, then, wasn't he? And General Dumbo?

:Someone with special powers that they use for good?

Hmmm, doesn't that rule out Batman and a good few other non-enhanced tights-wearers?

I tried to define what a superhero was for a magazine feature once, and I can tell you, it's bloody difficult. As far as I remember, the best I could come up with was "A comics character of abilities beyond a normal human (whether through training, mutation or mechanical means) who operates with what he/she believes are good intentions against a perceived evildoer."

I'd guess Nikolai Dante occupies that grey area between superhero and antihero that is also home to Jenny Sparks and a lot of other British-created heroes.

Dominic O'Rourke:
and therefore not a superhero, but my favorite all the same


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