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Marital Debate: the Zompocalypse and The End of the World as We Know It

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The Enigmatic Dr X:
Mrs X says that there's a movie, a zombie movie, that has an end of the world montage set to R.E.M,'s "It's the End of the World As We Know It."

I say she's mistaken and thinking of the opening to the Dawn of the Dead remake, which has a montage of  Johnny Cash's "The Man Comes Around".

Yoda-like, she says "No, there is another".

So, who is right? Can anyone name a zompocalypse movie which features a montage set to the End of the World as We Know It? Or even an apocalypse on film?

Grud knows why, but the Hive Mind has been agreed as arbiter of this one.

Dunno about zombies,  but it plays over the SETI sequence in Independence Day,  if that's any use.

That could be DAYS OF REVELATION (2016)- which I've not seen, but to quote IMDB is about "A young musician struggles to write a new song, but a spark of inspiration leads her to day dream what it would be like to walk through the apocalypse in her home city which also makes her reflect on life." and features the song in its soundtrack.


The song makes an appearance in Independence Day, not quite a zombie flick but apocalyptic for sure.

Could that be what she is thinking of?

Had a check on line but could not find any zombie films using it but it was in about 9 films including chicken little & independence day


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