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Black Beth and the Devils of Al-Kadesh

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This has been a very enjoyable read and the whole setup and environment reminds me of the world of Conan and Red Sonja.

The special is divided into 3 stories whereas the first takes off from the previous stories published in the Scream specials.  Alec Worley continues to deliver the script for all the stories.

Art for the first story is again provided by Dani and is also the one that takes up the bulk of the special.  This story basically wraps-up what happened in the previous specials and is written in such away that you do not have to read the previous stories. A lot of action and the story rockets at a Bolt-like pace but still feels does not feels rushed.

The second story is a quick 3 pager and is more of a filler.

The third story continues the story of the Death Man and visuals are provided by Vincenzo Riccardi and script by Doug Graves. The story is not to bad but not the most dynamic and is adequate.

Overall, I liked the special and I can see potential for a series of Black Beth in the prog or even in the meg.  So hopefully we will see more off the characters on display here.

The cover:

Michael Knight:
Really looking forward to picking this up!

A review:


Colin YNWA:
Good special - to be fair much to add to what broodblik says.

I was a little surprised that this was american format but its still a very nice product. Chuck full.

The main story is very entertaining, a classic Conan style fantasy romp full of betray, magic and violence. DaNi's art is lush, but at times loses a little on the storytelling but its stylistically very striking and overall carries the story very, very well.

The backups are slight but just about edge above just being filler. There are some striking posters, a lovely cover, nice brief intro that covers a lot of ground... you know this just works as a product and I hope it finds a audience.


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