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Grud help me, I couldn't help pre-ordering this:

I was actually on a pre-order mailing list for months (maybe years), but the 1st batch of consoles due to ship in 2021 sold out while I literally slept.

I have an order in for a "2022" slot, but no fixed delivery date.
Also, advance warning - you have to pay the full amount + eye watering shipping fee upfront.

Still, Panic are ace and it just looks too cool for school. Looking forward to sticking it into me jeans pocket.

They really screwed up the pre-order for this. Their plug-in broke and so almost no-one outside of the US secured one. Given that a big part of the appeal was supposed to be the weekly season and community aspect, that is a pity.

I’ve not gone for one myself as yet, although it is quite tempting.

Link Prime:
Did you get a look at one IP?

Nope. The mag wasn't on the list, for whatever reason. No idea why, not least given that my own personal relationship with Panic goes back 15+ years. Up to them, I suppose.

Link Prime:


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