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Mike McMahon Apex Edition - October 2022

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Looks like the fevered speculation is coming true.  Down The Tubes is reporting the publication of the McMahon Apex Edition!

TBH I've been in two minds with the Bolland edition, not least with some of the responses in some quarters.  This one though .... especially if it carries some of his Block Mania stuff!

If this were to carry on then I would dearly love to see an Apex Edition of the Apocalypse War.  That would be a dream volume.  Something I doubt will ever see the light of day though.  :-(

Colin YNWA:
Oh this is good news, good news indeed and while I passed on the Bolland one I'll start putting money aside for this one. Hope it scan his full range of styles.

Fantastic stuff.

The cover (super awesome):

Colin YNWA:

So what about the non-Dredd stuff (Slaine in particular)? Will that be a further book? Obviously I will be buying, but I am curious.


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