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Dredd COD Cold War.

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--- Quote from: Halo572 on 16 September, 2021, 09:25:24 AM ---* Rebellion is considered a large game developer, specifically Sniper Elite and Army of the Dead, with the resources to develop any 2000ad character game they want

--- End quote ---

I mean Dredd is underserved as an IP, but Rebellion are far from "large" in terms of developers. They don't have the budget to do an AAA game.


--- Quote from: Halo572 on 16 September, 2021, 09:25:24 AM ---This is the level of imagination Rebellion has towards the IP treasure trove that it has in the 2000ad character catalogue and from someone who has been waiting for a decent 2000ad character game since 1981.

--- End quote ---
It's not, and never will be, a failure of imagination. I'm sure their devs are brimming with ideas. Rebellion obviously feels that pouring millions into a Dredd game is a risk they aren't willing to take when that money would better serve the IP elsewhere.

Is it about imagination or is it about growing awareness / harnessing the penetration potential of a well-established game?

In fact I would suggest that this is potentially an imaginative response.  Rebellion have taken the opportunity to leverage COD as advertising for the Tooth IP.  Who knows where this might lead?

I heard it takes a lot of points to grab the Dredd skin in there.

Trooper McFad:
Potentially add in a Rogue, Johnny Alpha and any or all ABC warrior skins and the tooth world is expanded to a whole new range people. So a good move in my book.


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