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Events / 'The Intercorstal: After Smith'
« on: 08 September, 2015, 01:42:59 PM »
Hi all,

Have been dropping in occasionally to lurk after a flurry of posts around the time that Dredd came out... Just thought I'd post to announce that I'll be exhibiting ten pages of 2000AD based abstract art as part of the Abstrakte Comics series of shows that's happening in Bremen (Germany) this year.

I've been working on an abstract comic for a while, which has sporadically involved reinterpreting pages from existing comics, usually 2000AD. When the organisers of Abstrakte Comics got in touch, I took the opportunity to do a themed set, which are all based on pages by John Smith. I've mostly gone for pages from my favourite thrills, so of the 10, 4 are from various Indigo Prime stories, 2 are from Revere and the others are Swimming In Blood, New Statesmen, Firekind and Still Life (which was a one-off in the Revolver Romance Special).

I'm keeping the majority of pages back from public view until the show goes live on Friday, but what I've already done can be seen on the comic's website: intercorstal.com

When the show goes live, there'll also be a free-to-download PDF of the pages, including a 10-page introduction by Tom Whiteley, who blogs as Janean Patience at https://suggestedformaturereaders.wordpress.com/. It's been laid out to look like 'Touched By The Hand Of Brendan' which was a Tyranny Rex text story in the 2000AD Sci Fi Special 1991.

If you DO happen to be in Bremen on Friday, or at all next month, here's the event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1648818192025847/


Creative Common / My #animalchallenge
« on: 17 March, 2013, 11:27:55 PM »
On Friday lunchtime I accidentally started a new project by calling out for animals to draw via Twitter, and it's spread to Facebook now too. The rules are pretty easy: get a suggestion, accept the challenge, spend a very short amount of time finding reference then spend no more than 15mins sketching.

A gallery of images completed so far can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.461821140556785.1073741826.203955136343388&type=3.

If anyone here's got anything they want to challenge me with go for it. Only one I've not really been able to accomplish was 'Gooseberry Jamsloth' because in 15mins I couldn't work out how to make a sloth look like it was made out of jam.

General / Anthropocalypse launch...
« on: 09 March, 2013, 03:15:34 PM »
I've been looking forward to the collected edition of the latest Indigo Prime run since I saw it listed on Amazon last year -- anybody familiar with my Twitter timeline (which, in fairness, is probably none of you) will know that.

Quick question though -- will there be a signing event, or anything similar, near to the launch? Because I'm a massive bloody fanboy when it comes to Indigo Prime and would love to get a signed copy.

Any ideas?

Creative Common / Ministry of Stories
« on: 12 October, 2012, 01:10:06 PM »
Just whacked up a blog about my Live Illustrating for the Ministry Of Stories in Hoxton --


They're always on the lookout for more volunteers, and there's a lot of talented people floating around these boards, so if anyone's interested, sign up.

Welcome to the board / Another "I stopped reading in the 90s" guy right here
« on: 14 September, 2012, 01:21:05 PM »
Hello all,

Just thought I'd stick with convention and say hello. As stated in the subject, I stopped reading some time around 1995/1996 as a teen when I moved abroad with my family, and when I returned I was too into girls/booze/cigarettes to return to comics. Only really came back with the return of Indigo Prime last year.

It will quickly emerge (so I may as well state it here) that John Smith is one of my biggest influences as an artist as well as my favourite writer. 'Killing Time' and 'Revere' got lodged in my unconscious when I was 11 or 12 and have been seeping out ever since. Currently reading 'The New Statesmen' for the first time, which is incredible on so many levels.

Still playing catch-up on everything else -- slowly making my way through the Dredd collected editions as I can afford them.

For anyone who's interested, I'm an artist/illustrator in my spare time, working my way through my own experimental comic 'The Intercorstal' Links to my work below:

Website here: http://www.grthink.com
My blog is here: http://garethahopkins.blogspot.com
Intercorstal blog is here: http://intercorstal.blogspot.com

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