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Announcements / Re: Dave Evans, R.I.P.
« on: Today at 12:10:08 AM »
I'm sorry Dave, I've been out for the day, with friends, for the first time in a year. I'm a bit pissed but news of your passing has sobered me up somewhat. My sense of loss at your passing is nothing to some who have posted on this tread and certainty nothing compared to that suffered by your family. I just remember a truly kind and giving man who loved what he did and encouraged all others, regardless of their talent. We only met once at the 2000ad 40th and on a couple of art comp collaborations, but you were always tolerant, kind and giving. Rest easy you magnificent bastard.

Announcements / Re: The Letters Beast - Online!
« on: 05 May, 2021, 03:02:32 PM »
The more insightful reader would have gleaned from my text that the suggestion was that the puppet dog would indeed extinguish the candles with his trademark spit but such an endeavour would be unwise due to its synthetic nature and the proximity of naked flames.

You should just be happy that I did not bring in the other Frodsham worthies Daniel Craig and Gary Barlow - plenty of equally dubious material to be had out of that pair!

Announcements / Re: The Letters Beast - Online!
« on: 04 May, 2021, 09:01:31 PM »
I did allude to the dog spitting out the candles - sorry if that was not clear!

Cheshire /Chowder is a step too far for this punsmith!

Thanks for the 'B' ya dirty great B!

Announcements / Re: The Letters Beast - Online!
« on: 04 May, 2021, 08:19:58 PM »

And we’re back, one more time and maybe for the last time. Well not if the letters and cardio defibrillators keep on coming. If they do you should have your ‘scroll past to keep him happy fun’ for days to come.

This outing covers Prog 2230, an Input page that follows the near standard 5 weeks after the previous episode. It’s not clear if that’s all Tharg, or indeed the readership, can bear or whether it’s down publication schedules or even a lack of reader input. Tharg does end the page begging for more letters, but until that long awaited Government enquiry is completed we won’t know for sure. At least Boris got a new sofa, that’s the important thing.

A little bit of politics there - an unwelcome intrusion into our sci-fi fun that continues into the Letter of the Week which is penned by the old, and possibly claw like, hand of Steve Frame from Caithness. Steve used to go by the name of ‘D Reay’ which was a nod towards his local nuclear power station Dounreay - and clearly the three eyed fish aren‘t his only concern. Steve starts with a rant about ‘Covid Passports‘ which he sees a national segregation scheme. C‘mon Steve surely you want to know which radioactive local is safe to eat and which should be avoided! Choice is the thing here and we feel that most people would like the choice of going on holiday flight without a plague carrier coughing in their general direction for 8 hours. Steve gives his thoughts on most strips and includes our least favourite phrase (part from ‘brace yourself’) in ‘What’s not to like?’ - never understood that one.

Steve knows his onions (and glowing parsnips) as this is his 32nd letter to see print and it also extends his letter of the week lead to 3 with his 9 lording it over Watson and Kermode’s weedy sixes. Steve has 31 Prog letters and one solitary Meg offering from Meg 284. He was previously sighted in Prog 2180.

Starting in sepia tones before bursting into colour , like that lunchtime Aussie soap, is Martin Sullivan of Ireland. This is Martin’s 5th Prog letter and, er, fifth overall. His career started out with a Letter of the Week in 2017’s Prog 2014 (not confusing) and he was last seen, prior to this offering, in Prog 2153 in 2019.

Martin’s letter is Fantastic! Not that it’s any good , he just uses ’fantastic’ four times. He should get a thesaurus, a book of words, a similar words guide, a… you get the idea. Like us Martin reads the Dredd and doesn’t understand the rest which is fine but we do appreciate it when a writer explains stuff to us. That’s fantastic when it happens!

The middle of the page berth is taken up by the souper Michael Chowder, er, Crowder who comes from the Cheshire town of Frodsham. Things must be going well for Michael who lived in Liverpool for his only previous outing in Meg 308 in 2011. Nothing wrong with Liverpool, but Frodsham has a candle shop - that’s run by Bob Carolgees! I wonder if they have a means of putting out the candles at night? Probably a snuffer rather than a highly flammable puppet dog , we’d imagine,

Michael is a fan of pod casts and flags a couple that we like - the Mega City Book Club has an especially good one about  Invasion 1984! Just saying. He also likes Space Spinner 2000 which we also like, especially when Fox is pissed. Tharg latches on to promote his own wares in a reply that is nearly as long as the letter it responds to. Well played Verdant One!

Another old stager next in the shape of Craig Grannell of Hants, another ‘Top Ten’ letter writer. This is Craig’s 26th letter to see print and further imbalances his ratio to 22 Prog and 4 Meg. He was last seen in Prog 2172 and this offering takes him up the charts to 9th= place alongside ‘not seen in a while - has he better things to do?’, Dr Rich Evans.

Craig takes a chance but rolls a six in getting his praise laden Durham Red letter printed. We preferred her in the shower with Ron Reagan, but each to his own. Craig has the shortest letter of the week but we do like them brief and to the point.

Last up is Marcus Willson of Mexborough - mind the two ‘L’s there. This letter actually corrected a Beast entry as a previous score had been logged as ‘Wilson’ - or was the Prog wrong? Either way 2:1 says ‘Willson so we’ll go with that. Actually to save confusion we’ll call Marcus ‘Tandy’ like his namesake from ‘Eldorado’. Mar-cuss speaks for the nation when he says it’s time to pension off Slaine. It needed saying Mr T and we’re glad you did. Tharg however seems incredulous that any one would tire of sword and axe excitement along with some new age gubbins. But they do. T-Mobile does hedge his bets at getting a 4th letter by praising ‘Thistlebone’; but it’s too little too late for Slade. This was his 3rd (and last) letter with his previous offerings being sighted in Progs 1994 and 2084. He runs the Mexborough letters lodge, lording it over the only other Mex-man to trouble the scorers, David Oxer who was seen in Prog 208, and never again.

Overall a fun offering with two big hitters and no newbies - just how it should be. Until we all die of old age/Covid/radiation poisoning and there’s no one left to write in. Still we won’t care! We’ll be dead.

See you next month for more of the exact same.

Other Reviews / Re: Invasion 1984!
« on: 04 May, 2021, 08:11:42 PM »
A fine podcast on this very book is right HERE!

General / Re: One Million Views!!!
« on: 04 May, 2021, 06:38:13 PM »
I thought you were talking about your Greggs app there!

Great achievement and a cracking resource. Chapeau!

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 26 April, 2021, 11:16:14 PM »
Stowaway - Shit away more like. I quite fancied the premise of this extra passenger found on board a trip to Mars ala Tintin : Destination Moon , in fact Tintin has several - the Thompsons and that moustached foreign bloke but I digress.

Strangely they find the unwilling passenger 12 hours out but decide to keep on with the two year trip to Mars and back. No one did a head count before they sealed the doors? Anyway, predictably oxygen becoes an issue - duh! - and terrible decisions have to be made - mostly affecting the plot and dialogue.

The film becomes quest as a handy hut full of oxygen is discovered but a few Galaxy Quest style obstacles away. Massive chunks of the film are spent getting there and then getting back there again. There is sacrifice and an uncertain ending and zero thrills.

I like Anna Kendrick and Toni Collette but they didn't convince as space explorers and the whole thing was a dull disjointed mess. 5/10 territory.

General / Re: Did I Imagine It Or Not?
« on: 14 April, 2021, 12:33:36 AM »
Excellent! I still have my bar which is now worth marginally more! I'm guessing 20p in 2021 bawbees.

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 11 April, 2021, 11:29:21 PM »
I thought Palm Springs was OK - not a lot added to the Groundhog Day vibe and I could have done with more of the JK Simmons character.

Saw Thunder Force tonight -Shit Force more like. Jason Bateman is the only redeeming feature but even he struggles with a weak script and a dearth of laughs.

You know what I mean! The previously one dimensional Sovs are fleshed out and we get a full look at the geo-politics in place with early looks at Texas and Mega City 2 as well as the Judge's capabilities undersea and in space. Also TADS, Stub guns, Stratos-Vs - loads of stuff!

Apocalypse War - simply because it's the best Dredd for story, art and world building. I've also read it through 20 times. D of C is top work but I've probably only been though it a couple of times. AP is the iconic, archetypal Dredd.

Announcements / Re: The Letters Beast - Online!
« on: 04 April, 2021, 12:15:39 PM »
Bumped for a genuine new reader enquiry!

The glory days indeed Funt - I remember getting in behind you with 'the Browns won the super bowl' but the prize had already been claimed!

« on: 02 April, 2021, 12:18:20 PM »
I'd buy that for a dollar!

Off Topic / Re: challenge yourself!
« on: 01 April, 2021, 07:02:57 PM »
Good luck with your endeavours Sheridan - I found a thread or blog or any sort of record helped keep things on track. You can lie to yourself but it's tougher with an audience!

Off Topic / Re: 500 Days of Slimmer - and Some Other Crap Too...
« on: 01 April, 2021, 12:04:35 AM »
Well, here we are. 500 days since that innocent youth posted his list of rash challenges. The world has changed a lot in the interim and although it has been a terrible time at least it has afforded us plenty of excuses for staying fat and drinking too much. It has also allowed some the more sedentary pursuits to be exploited and that’s where any successes I’ve managed have come from. Let’s take a look at the list of challenges and see where we got to.

LOSE WEIGHT : Static for the last month so still about 14.5 stone or 203lbs. This one has to go down as a fail albeit one with plenty of caveats. At the height of the first lockdown I hit 16 stone 8lbs, so I’m two stone down from that but still two stone overweight. I have kept up the running and walking and moderated the drinking and takeaways so the trajectory is downwards. The closing of the gyms didn’t help with mine still a month away from potentially opening. Rangers winning the Scottish League didn’t help either as a few bottles were opened to celebrate and I got this Just Eat code. I’ll keep on it and will reactivate this thread (God no!) when I hit the magic number.

UPDATE MY MOVIE BLOGS REGULARLY : Success! Both the ‘W’ Movie blog and the Definite Article blogs were bothered consistently with the 350 and 250 posts marks being hit respectively. I quite enjoyed the self enforced demand of watching films I’d normally miss but I think both have hit a natural end point for now.

UPDATE THE LETTERSENTERTAINYOU THREAD FOR EACH PUBLICATION EVENT : Success! This was quite easy due to the dearth of Nerve Centres and Dreddline over the last year. We haven’t seen a Dreddlines for well over a year and the Prog sees letters only every 6 weeks or so. I have however logged every effort and offered some constructive criticism to each These seem relatively popular (compared to this thread at least!) with each registering around 1000 views. I will keep this up for the foreseeable future.

AVERAGE 12,5000 STEPS A DAY : Partial fail. Well OK, fail then. My average on Fitbit is given as 10,638. 1000 steps takes about ten minutes so my total represents 100 minutes of walking/running a day - every day! Not always easy as the weather has been poor and I don’t have a dog. Kept myself at 10k minimum steps a day and I like the motivation to taking an hour’s walk at lunchtime every day.

GET 105 LETTERS PRINTED : Managed to get two taking me to 101. That may sound feeble but only 42 letters were printed in 2020 with no Dreddlines printed at all. Talk about a deck stacked against you! My hits were in Prog 2165 (Letter of the Week) and this week’s issue (2225) which was kind of Tharg as it was basically a begging letter about getting some birthday greetings.

PASS ACII : Managed this in double quick time and won an award for ‘Claims Practice’ to boot. With distractions this would have taken 3 years but lockdown saw it off in 9 months.

GET ON TV AGAIN : Apart from an archive shot of me on an ITV montage this has to be a fail but with the caveat that almost no one was recruiting. I filled in a couple of applications but didn’t even get a reply. Thanks Ben Shepherd!

BAG 50 MUNROS : Managed one, Schiehallion, before they were all locked up for the rest of the year. Will get back to this when I’m free to do so.

STRETCH GOAL : GET A 500 RATING ON CHESS.COM :  Fail! Presently at 354 having gotten to a high of 405. Still enjoying it and I have a winning records of 206 W 198L 43D. Hard to get out of my bracket with wins and losses almost balancing each other out. I have read books and watched videos, most of which has just set me back. Look up Buttonman1969 if you want some cheap pieces.

STRETCH GOAL : Read Charlton Heston’s ‘An Actor’s Life’. Finished it. 480 odd dense pages but enjoyable stuff in 10-15 page nuggets. Interesting insights into the film making process and he is wonderfully indiscrete about the failings he sees in other actors. Reading this I realised that the Dredd ape character ‘Harry Heston’ was a nod to Chuck. Duh!

Well that’s that done. 50 now so pipe and slippers for me. Thanks for all the words of encouragement and good luck to all who are trying to improve themselves in these difficult times. Take care!

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