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Meg 438: Homeland Security

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You can’t really go wrong with Dave Taylor, whose lovely cover makes for a great print (that’s two in a row I’ve been very fond of); and he deftly illustrates a Dredd with an entertaining twist. A fun one-and-done that had some old-school vibes. Black Museum was solid—one of the best of that series I can recall. Angelic ends in a manner that makes me wonder what’s coming next (and hopes there is more).

Nice text pieces with Tom Paterson and Jamie Delano provide a breather before the finale of The Returners, which ends well and warrants a re-read. Devlin Waugh ends as well. This has been a masterclass by Tot, to the degree I’m a big annoyed it’s not conintuing next month (in a Meg that looks to have a great line-up, what with a Niemand Dredd, more Lawless, and a new skysurfing strip by Wagner/MacNeil).

Anyway, good stuff.

Devlin Waugh > Dredd > Angelic > Black Museum > The Returners but everything here was good. 5/5.

Cover by Dave Taylor:

Cover and Logo:

A good meg

Dredd – This is one of those one-shots which is so silly but is so much fun. Great story with great art.

Black Museum – Another entertaining short story. Wish that the Future Shocks can deliver the same consisted quality.

Angelic – Rennie produced another great episode and the last page forbid some interesting events. I especially like the panel layout on the second page by how Lee Carter. I would like this series to have a more regular appearance.

Returners – This is one of those stories that will require a full re-read. The series ends on a satisfactory note. The curse has been lifted but the cost for it was great. Pity that Si could not finish his story but a nice touch giving him a sendoff.

Devlin - Alex Kots might not have created Devlin, but he nailed the character he has penned one fine Devlin story. I will go as far and say it: this was the best Devlin arc yet (with no disrespect to John)


--- Quote ---Pity that Si could not finish his story
--- End quote ---
Did he not get to? I thought this was the intended end of that strip?

As for Kot, I’d tend to agree. This arc was at the very least shoulder to shoulder with Red Tide and Swimming in Blood. It had a superb mix of horror, action and humour. Other Smith takeovers have been extremely variable, and I’d always felt like the writers were on a hiding to nothing. Even the best of them, like Kek-W’s Indigo Prime, were a mixed bag. But Kot nailed it. I hope Matt Smith has secured his services for the foreseeable.


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