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Prog 2261 - Never Look Back

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Well. Two strips bow out this issue but two presumably continue in the end-of-year extravaganza. But before then, this is a masterful Prog.

A quality slice of Harrison art on the cover is followed by a two-part Dredd finale that is completely ridiculous in the best possible way. This feels like a modern take on old-school absurdist Dredd—like a love letter to the best strips of the classic era. That Dredd wasn’t really in it doesn’t matter, because it was so enjoyable.

Then we get some horror in The Out and a YOU CAN’T LEAVE IT THERE cliffhanger (damn you, Abnett), along with a further demand in my head for an oversized Image-style HC of this series. (Please, Tharg.)

Scarlet Traces ends well, except it doesn’t, because, well, there’s a twist—and I honestly didn’t see that one coming.

Which leaves Dexter, bringing up the rear. It’s enjoyable nonsense, although very much filler in a Prog of gems.

Full marks though this week. This was great stuff. Dredd > The Out > Scarlet Traces > Dexter, but it’s all good.

Cover by Mark Harrison:

Cover and Logo:

Colin YNWA:
That's a fine final prog of the year, though strangely we have two stories going into the end of year Prog, which I always find a bit weird, but the schedule is the schedule and I ain't keepin' the traffic movin' so...

Let's get back to the positives.

Dredd is just plain good fun, wonderfully realised. Okay maybe running the idea to 3 parts, the last of which is double sized is stretching the joke a little too far. The underpinning story is quite weak too, though it hangs in there and Enormo Overdrive I or III is always welcome.

The Out remains terrifyingly wonderful. Just superb.

Scarlet Traces it'd have been a soft ending, but ending it would have been. As it is the leap ahead has left more doors open and I'm no longer sure where this story feels it can go now? Still its done what its done, looks incredible and has opened those doors. i guess were Brass Sun is a journey through worlds, Scarlet Traces is a journey through time...and when I think of it like that it works.

Dexter I'm enjoying this more and more, still significent questions, but if it keeps this momentum up it could find its place and pace again. Nice end to this segment and happy that this one seems to get to continue into the new year.

Good prog, maybe not quite as good as the last couple but still very good.

This is the last regular prog of the year and it is a goody. An excellent cover for an excellent story. This is a fiver or rather fourer.

Dredd – Super enjoyable yarn by Rod and Chris and with some extras pages to boot. Dredd makes his appearance and does what he does best by applying the letter of the law

The Out – The enemy revealed at last and what an image as everything erupts in violence.  What an ending to this episode as we have to wait a week so see where mister Abnett is steering the boat.

Scarlet Traces – The story jumps a few years in the future where everyone (or rather all species) working together to explore our universe. It ends but the door is kept open for me.

Dexter – Some backstabbing and betrayals and next we start the next arc of Bullet to the Head.


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