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Prog 2261 - Never Look Back

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I am not happy that we were robbed of “gaze into the fist: you’ve been dissed”

Barrington Boots:
Another really great cover this week.

Dredd Great wrap up to a great story.  Everything about this was so incredibly ridiculous in a good way, from the breakdancing Grunwalder to Enormo and his Sharkbah utterance at the end. A real love letter to old school Dredds indeed. I have absolutely loved this. With Klegg off to the cubes I hope it's not the last we see of him.

The Out This episode was fantastic.

Scarlet Traces Not sure about this ending tbh. It feels both a good one and somewhat detached - it's so 'big' in it's time jump and universe-spanning nature that it leaves almost all the small elements of the series behind. I think this will benefit from an all in one read. Despite enjoying this run, I feel it ending here wouldn't be a bad thing.

Dexter Well, there were some terrifically drawn dinosaurs and such in this run, but overall this has been totally forgettable, mainly predictable and neither funny nor exciting. Real waste of the talents involved.

The Corinthian:
So what happened to Enormo Overdrive II?

Leigh S:
Missing in Action prog over in the Birmingham Gap....

Batman's Superior Cousin:
Still no Prog in the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne area :(


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