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Forum’s Fav Thrill - D.R. Quinch vs. Nikolai Dante Rd 4 Heat 3

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Colin YNWA:
Well we’ll start Round 4 with no gush of excitement. No giddy anticipation of the tough, enthralling ties to come. Instead to really fire up those juices with a service announcement! Turn around is so fast I’ve not been mixing up these thread openers the way I intended and just kept rattling on with the same ol’ format (for the posts the comp ain’t changing). I had plans and maybe next round but for now, well if it ain’t broke and all that… what and EXPLOSION into Round 4 hey!

Quite the tussle this one. Fan fav comedy classic D.R. Quinch by Northampton(shires) finest come up against Russia's greatest rebelling hero. A good forewarning about what this Round will do to you!

Form book:

D.R. & Quinch - Bye; Medivac 318; Glimmer Rats

Nikolai Dante - Bye; Age of the Wolf; Caballistics Inc

D.R. & Quinch - more info


Nikolai Dante - more info

Just reply in this thread naming your favourite thrill of these two series at the beginning of your post (or use Bold tags so I can spot it easily) and say what you like about these wonderful stories after that.

Match ends early on the morning of Friday 8th  July and the winner gets a place in Round 5 (of 9!!!).

What on Earth is ALL of this?

For those that need ‘um and can be bothered to follow ‘um there’s some simple rules

Any questions, just ask as ever - and have FUN!


Nikolai Dante all the way

Trooper McFad:
Nikolai Dante

D.R. & Quinch


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