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Dear 2000AD message board,

I want to write Couch Potatoes is the more funny Dredd I have read this year! It made me laugh better than Helter Skelter. A very brillant idea, well executed.

More than the other writers Gordon Rennie has captured the sensation of the Dredd of Wagner. With Robbie Morrison you can feel it is not Wagner straight away (always the sad children in his Dredd stories!) and Ennis - crazy! But with Rennie, it  consitently does not feel different to Wagner.

Good art from Cliff Robinson. In effect, the art in this week is better than the last week. Apart from Killer. When I read Killer I have vomit leaking through my fingers.

In the avertisement for the megazine, is that Anderson? Why does she have a wookie on the head? I will find out today when I get my copy...



Thread Zero:
I think the psi judge is Karyn.

The wookie's hair belongs to Chewbaka (forgive the spelling if I have his name wrong!).

He hired it out to Karyn because well....wookies are really bald, you know.

As for Mr Rennie tablets...I have not read this week's Dredd so I will give you the benefit of the doubt, but I find his Dredd's usually nothing special.

scojo who loves to disagree

heh heh heh

I like you Cristophe:) you have taste and an excellent way with words.

"vomit leaking from my fingers"...he heh heh


True it is judge karyn on the front of the new meg. the wookie on her head is very different inside the pages though, as a different artist draws her.


>a different artist draws her.

Can't imagine who that'd be... ;)

Still, whoever that strange masked man is, he does a damn fine spooky Dredd story...


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