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Dear message board,

OK, I must leave you, my friends. This is the last week that I can visit the studio of my friend who has this computer.

I will still read the Galaxy's Great Comic but I will not have the power to visiter this site. What shame, because the new website design looks so well!

It is also sad that I have not viewed the prog this week, but I have seen the preview. It is good that the cover is of the story this week, but it is bad that Killer has not been cancelled! Tant pis!

Au revoir, tout le monde!


Thread Zero:


Thread Zero:
Sorry for using this thread but I tried to post my worst fav stories on the other thread but it did not come up.

If it does later, sorry for this.

I detested Carver Hale. Could become my worst story ever.

The dialogue was like living inside Bob Hoskin's mouth!
Bleeding ell, the pigs ar artfer us!
Apples and pears.
I prefer Fred Astaire!

Also Mike Fleisher's stuff( all of it!) Mean Team, Skizz book 2 abd 3, Morrison and Millar's Dredd, Millar's Dredd, Millar's Robo Hunter(seriously bad that!) last Flesh book in 2k, Durham Red (Sorry Matt) Urban Strike, and my current fav, Garth's Helter Skelter.
A masterpiece of ineptitude that.

I think Belardinelli is no longer with us.
He was a classic artist.



I don't think the cover is one of Gibson's best, but better than the Star Trek one with Dredd and Spock.

Anyway, hope you get on alright without the message board in your life ;-). You weren't here for very long but you did leave us the legacy of "vomit leaking through your fingers" as a critique of Killer!



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