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This weeks Future shock


Dominic O'Rourke:
I must congratulate the bros. G, for their effort, the pace of the story was good, the art was nice and simple, and the twist, sorry the twist was seen coming from the moment the aliens appeared at the door, saying that though I enjoyed the whole thing and look forward to your next piece.

what constructively can you take from this, like I said above from the moement the aliens said they'd be back I knew they were going to charge a very high price. The rhyming couplets seemed forced in some places and didn't trip off the tounge so easily, you mention Alan Moore in you background on this site, check out Alan Grants The Deamon for great rhyming tricks.

keep up the good work!

Grud Damnit!!!

*Fifty learns lesson and remembers to check topic doesn't say "spoilers" in future...*


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