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Space Bastards Vol 2 on Kickstarter

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Trooper McFad:
I picked up Vol 1 at lawless 2019 so it’s been a long wait for Vol 2. The book and art are beautifully big to go with the big price. I enjoyed this and will be forking out for Space Bastards Vol 2 which is drawing by our very own Langley & MacNeil and with the big page format this should be pretty awesome.

Hopefully I’ve put the link up correctly.

Trooper McFad:
Forgot to say Bisley helped with Vol 1 and Boo Cook has contributed in both👍🏻

Unless I'm mistaken , isn't that Jim Campbell on letters?

Barrington Boots:
I'm keen on this, but postage to the UK is an absolute killer - $45 for both volumes, with VAT on top - so I may need to wait on paperback versions (hopefully later this year?)

Honestly thought vol 1 was like the summer offensive 2000ad - all bombast, no charm. The idea would work as a wagner short because essentially the number of loonies prepared to engage in the activity (deathrace2000 postcodes) is limited - nobody in the world seems that poor they have to guarantee their death in a profession where people die every page. Vol 1 art wasn’t for me either but vol 2 is catnip.


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