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Prog 2281 - Guilt Trip

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Colin YNWA:
Back to the Prog proper and a shift in line-up. Not a massive one, but enough to feel the difference.

Dredd Niemand and Foster return to Asher, the ex-Titan con. Who while working on a cleaning duty, see some slack judging that could be indicitive of much more. Its a gloriously steady start with the first twist of tension, this one will be getting much tighter I suspect.

Brink a police interview, Maslow calls HSD bluff and Bardot pays a price. dpesn't sound much but its brilliant.

Hope more interviews, more insights into 'Hollywoods' underbelly, more dark consequences - see above.

Dexter this thrill might be suffering from choppy scheduling, might be being trampled under it ambition being stifled but openers like this, with its grim forboding allow us to at least see the potential that we lost. Great episode.

Fiends Ouch! Its all chains and poking and burning and nasty... see above.

Lovely cover

Cover by Tom Foster:

Cover and Logo:

Bah. Nowt here yet. Looks fab too.


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