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Prog 2281 - Guilt Trip

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The Monarch:
lovely tribute to garry leach from rufus dayglo as well

A good prog after the regen prog. I can feel the shift as a new Dredd starts and Bulletopia returns

Dredd – A good start and a welcome return of Asher. The setup is done, and Dredd and Asher are heading for a full head on collision.
Brink – This episode almost serves as a catch-up, a slow in hail and then continue to breath as the last page ramps it up again. Good stuff

Hope – This episode is almost mimicking same path Brink took by having the whole episode concentrating on the interview and then wham a cliffhanger on the last page. Good stuff

Dexter – The Bulletopia saga started way back in prog 2184 (2020) running now for basically 22 episodes over 8 chapters using 3 artists.  I just wish we can have a longer running episode count rather than Sin/Dex is used as a filler. Ooh I forgot the episode was good and I am enjoying this arc much more than the previous ones (before Bullet)

Fiends – The enemy has introduced himself and Constanta is in a real pickle. The dream sequence was well done which also gives us more back story. Edginton is adding more twists for us too the layers of intrigue. Great stuff

B/W Cover:

Bad City Blue:
"Keep your nose clean."

Harsh, Dredd... harsh.


--- Quote from: Bad City Blue on 11 May, 2022, 10:08:12 AM ---"Keep your nose clean."

Harsh, Dredd... harsh.

--- End quote ---

So on the nose


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