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Right, then. After a brief Nerve Centre OOOH moment (more Devlin incoming), we’re on to Dredd, which remains top-notch. Again, it’s like a Wagner/Bolland strip that’s fallen through a wormhole. Literally the only gripe I have is my usual one, in MC1 being basically full of white men, bar a very few background characters. Anyway, I suspect this’ll wrap up soon, and it’s going to be one of my top Dredds for a long time.

The Future Shock didn’t really do anything for me. Bullying’s a bit of a trigger point anyway, but even beyond that the story didn’t feel that shocking. I’m not sure what the resolution was trying to say, nor if there was anything more meant by that single panel of the bloke with the teeth. So: meh. (Also: is no-one else submitting Future Shocks? It feels like Tomlinson is getting an awful lot of them into the Prog of late.)

Hope has a nice twist, if an arguably fairly obvious one. I think in hindsight that while the atmosphere of this run has been good, I’m starting to align with folks who have said the storytelling isn’t up there with the previous two volumes (which I grabbed as trades—I doubt I would with this run).

Brink is a between beats run, bar the end—a kind of info dump. Something that’ll read better when collected than standalone this issue. And then there’s Fiends, which has two powerful beings kicking the crap out of each other. I’m enjoying it, but I do wonder where the strip has to go after this point if the lead is now so insanely powerful he can survive basically anything.

So, weirdly, I’m missing… Dexter. That trips levity and spark combined with the nature of what was in this Prog made it feel a bit flat for me compared to last week. Dredd is clearly the standout and Fiends is very, very good. Brink is great as a whole, but this particular episode didn’t really grab me. The other two strips were a bit hmmm.

Dredd > Fiends > Brink > Hope > Future Shock

Cover by INJ Culbard:

Cover and Logo:

I only enjoyed Dredd and Brink this week.

This is definitely the best Dredd in some time.
As for Brink, after that cover I was expecting Kurtis to show up; may be next week then?

I stopped following Hope and Fiends a few weeks back. I still read them but they’re not making much sense to me now. Could say the same for the Future Shock too.

It seems weird (possibly even a mistake?) that the Future Shock is called School Run, and it reads as if it was intended to be called Class Carnage. If you look at the bottom of the first page you may see what I mean.


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