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Exclusive!! You heard it here first!!!

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Great news for all fans of Carl Critchlow, especially those of you who remember Thrud the Barbarian.

*gives away geek background*

I e-mailed Carl Critchlow the other day, and here is part of the reponse I got from him:

Now a bit of exclusive news for you...

I've begun work on a Thrud comic which I intend to self-publish next year.  Hopefully full colour  at least 22 pages and available mail order.

There will be full details on my website, which will have a Thrud section with an introduction and a couple of preview pieces very soon - I'll let you know when it's up there.

... well, great new eh?

The website is, simply enough, www.carlcritchlow.com.  It is okay as websites go.

Thrud. God I've got the collected White Dwarf stories somewhere. Shit I've lost it! Must go back home to mums & look for it. Can anyone remember the strip where Thrud met a very Dredd inspired Judge? Would be great if someone could dig it out & put it in the Thrill Viewer.

MATT (who no longer shops in Games Workshop)

I've got that collection too, but it is in England, and I am in Japan!!

Fifty (who no longer shops at Games Workshop)

I've got some old White Dwarfs (pre #100) so I'll take a look. If I find a Judge Dredd Thrudd crossover, I'll see if I can get permission to upload it.

Wake (who no longer shops at Games Workshop)

Fifty, you didn't play War Hammer as well did you? The amount of time I must have wasted in my formative years pushing Bugmans Dwarf army around a kitchen table arguing with my brother whenever my chaos mortar crew killed his orc war wyvern. We never did finish a game without having a fist fight over movement ratings. Games Workshop is such a sad & geeky place. It was the kind of place you went to on a Saturday and spent all day there. Come to think of it, all the shop assistants were a bit sinister, spending all that time in the company of young children, enthusing about snot goblins & orges. Creepy. It's only redeeming feature was that it was the only shop in Sheffield that you could buy Dredd titan books in before someone invented comic shops. h'mmm, comic shops...now there's another geeky environment. Has anyone ever gone into a comic shop with their girlfriend? I don't know who suffered from culture shock the worst, my girlfriend or the people already in there.

MATT (who no longer shops in comic shops, but buys them over the internet instead)


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