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Is Prog 2002 out yet!?! I need thrill power!

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The site says 12th of December, but it's the 16th and I haven't seen it anywhere, not even in Whsmith's.  I want to read some Bad Company so much it hurts, ooh, ow, etc.  

Could someone tell me if they've got a copy (don't tell me what happens in the stories!)?  If they have I may go on some sort of bizarre quest this afternoon.

Sorry...that news item should read the 19th of December, not the 12th. Hopefully I'll get my subscription copy tomorrow.


Leigh S:
Prog 2002 is officially out on Wednesday, but subscribers copies will hopefully be falling through letterboxes tomorrow morning - after a lacklustre run of progs, I can't wait for both Storming Heaven and Shakara, which both look great!

However, the WHSmith in Birmingham has been getting progs in on Tuesdays, so it might be worth keeping your eye out...

Thread Zero:

Chill with the ill as Max Normal would say.
That pain is only for the insane!

Prog 2002 ain't out yet but man just don't fret.

It's out next week and those vibes of yours, sure are weak!

If you're lucky Monday is the safest bet,
But Wednesday's the time to chill with 2002's groovy jet set.

I'm off now to cue the mega town greens,
Max Normal plays Shuggy - like the bees knees!

Scojo - the mojo in no slow mo.

Oh well, I don't mind waiting if it isn't out, it was just the thought of it being on a shelf and not being able to read it and...

I'm all worked up now, looks like I'll have to go out and shoot someone to get it out of my system.

Thanks for your messages of sympathy in this difficult time.



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