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... the counter though is how often do we get to reflect on these 'lesser' strip. We talk about Dredd, his figure, board game, telly shows (ahem) all day. Its good* to consider the lesser light, to remember unsung thrill that make 2000ad the variety pack it is.

Well said, Colin! When was the last time anyone really said anything about Colony Earth, or ALLO?

Games / Re: Gamebooks
« on: 27 November, 2021, 09:30:59 AM »
Many are the students of the Great Wizard of Yore. After the last apprentice's ignoble end in the bowels of Craggern Rock, the estimable conjurer hurriedly sends his next greatest student off to the Citadel of Chaos, to see if he can fare any better...

The Playthrough - Attempt II
A Skill of 12 is a great start, Luck of 7 less so... But with a magic score of 16, I'm quietly confident. With this embarrassment of riches I treat myself to one of every spell, plus doubles of some of the more useful...

Following in my luckless predecessor's footsteps, I confidently bluff my way into the Citadel. This time I march up to one of the various groups in the courtyard and come away with an enchanted dagger for my troubles. The whirlwind-woman dogs my footsteps, but thankfully it doesn't come to blows (ba-dum-tish).

Emboldened by what's already a more successful playthrough, I rap smartly on the door to the Tower, confident I can bluff my way past the guard. I can't, as it turns out, but in the ensuing fight I run rings around the poor Rhino-man, dispatching him to the Great Savannah in the sky without breaking a sweat.

Forewarned of O'Seamus' tricks, I pay the leprechaun a visit. Once again a Skill point must be sacrificed, but I'm wise to his other games and illusions, and the Magic Sword and Silver Mirror are soon mine. Onward to the wine cellar, and the Black-Elf Somellier offers me a few choice vintages to sample. I pick poorly, however, as I down a truth potion and start blabbing my purpose here - the Somellier cannot leave these vaults alive!

He's dispatched easily, and I loot the corpse and the vaults at lesuire. A few rooms on, I'm still adventuring in my predecessor's footsteps, as I reach the room with the golem. Supremely confident in my swordplay, instead of running past I whittle him down to so much gravel. This is much more like it.

A later room presents a truly bizarre encounter with a flying dog's head(!) and a chair that turns into a man that turns into a snake...? Whatever these things are, they're easily distracted, so I'm through the room with no harm done. Were those the infamous Ganjees? Well, I'm not sure what the fuss is all about. My self-satisfaction lasts until the next room. Ah. These are the Ganjees... When I'm offered a chance to look for an item to use against them I take it, sure that this must be where the Silver Mirror comes into play... But it's not even an option, and I'm forced to fight them. That ends as well as you might expect. Blasted back out into the stairwell, I plummet to my death - the same death, after all that, as my luckless forebear. Splat.

The Verdict
Another fun adventure. I didn't intend to shadow my last playthrough quite as closely as I ended up doing, but for all the extra loot I picked up, it didn't really help me in the end. I did feel that I was making much better progress, though. Maybe next time I'll make it all the way to Dire...

Visible Man - not the greatest thrill, but I was looking forward to seeing where the 'new' stories were heading. Wish Henry Flint or Dave Hitchcock had been given a full series.

Yeah, think I'll just spoil my ballot on this one.

Games / Re: Gamebooks
« on: 23 November, 2021, 01:08:46 PM »
Very chuffed to find this weekend that I still had a copy of Night Dragon at my parent's. That was a real favourite back in the day - properly hard but probably the closest to a full RPG experience that the series ever got. I'm glad I'll get to play it without needing to fork out some 40 notes on Ebay.

Much as I love to be a lone voice shouting in the wilderness, Deadlock is just better than Johnny Woo.

I have a pretty good memory for thrills, and even though I know I've read the Johnny Woo solo series, I remember nothing about it. One of those series that was briefly just... there.

No deadlock about this choice... It's Deadlock.

I like Slaughterbowl, but not as much as I wanted to. I like Diaboliks, but not as much as Caballistics (or Absalom). Hmm... Diaboliks just edges it, I suppose.

Games / Re: Cursed Earth Card Game by Osprey - House Rules?
« on: 22 November, 2021, 07:37:28 PM »
I absolutely loved Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter, though. I got the Dark Judges expansion, but haven't had a chance to play it yet. Hopefully it did well enough that they can justify more. An ABC Warriors/Nemesis expansion would be brilliant!

Ah, I was thinking of asking about JD: HS because I like the look of the minis - good to know the game is fun as well! I take it you can't really play solo?

Helter Skelter is a truly gorgeous game, and plays really well. It's a tabeltop 2000AD Super Smash Bros - what's not to like?! The Dark Judges expansion introduces solo rules, so that your team can go up against the DJs - you could probably fudge some house rules from that so that you could go up against any other team.

Games / Re: Cursed Earth Card Game by Osprey - House Rules?
« on: 22 November, 2021, 03:26:45 PM »
I really need to break this put again - one of the few games I own which has a solo mode!

Yep -

Whilst we're on the subject of rejected proposals, here was my attempt to continue drawing the Gronk after Pete Hogan pretty much gave up on the character: It was to be set in a typical western-style Strontium Dogs environment, with the Gronk on his own, still with his Garth Ennis created agression (gronks normally being timorous beasts, subject to heart attacks from excessive excitement). He discovers a travelling circus which is actually a cover for a gronk breeding programme (for their highly prized fur). Cue plenty of POW/animal rights references as the Gronk breaks them out (think Chicken Run with gronks). Much black humour ensues as, during the escape and flight, many of the 'unchanged' gronks keel over due to the stress. It was to be called '101 Gronks', but as the series progressed, the number in the title was to decrease as the number of rescued gronks grew less and less!
The touching and heartbreaking denoument was to have The Gronk return to his home planet with a few of his rescued captives still alive, only to find he's banned from the planet because he's gone through 'the change' and thus would be too much of a threat to the fragility of the gronk race. Awwww....

It makes the fatal error of having a Death Planet that doesn't seem that deadly and indeed the final threat is a bunch of Pirate types.

Yeah I was all up for a Helltrekkers style gradual elimination of the survivors by the deadly planet. I'm not sure why we needed the space priate plot at all. And the ending was pants.

For my money, Zombo was never quite as good as that first series, because it lost that Death Planet vibe - I loved that each episode ended with a survivor count - 'Four survivors remaining!' Week-on-week that made it a whole lotta fun.

I'm still sad that Tharg never picked up Nigel Dobbyn's '101 Gronks' pitch.

 :lol: It's a ticking clock!

Satanus Unchained was great fun, beautifully painted by the MacNeil Droid.

Was that the last time MacNeil went full MacNeil on a 2000AD strip?

No, not by a long way. He painted the Dredd story Terror, and three Devlin Waugh stories (two of them multi-parters). Later he painted two series of Insurrection and one of Defoe in black-and-white/sepia.

I will go for Max since I never read the Satanus strip (was this ever reprinted?)

No. Pat Mills was infamously furious about Satanus: Unchained, and editorial promised him they wouldn't reprint it. It led to him writing Blood of Satanus II and III to 'reclaim' the character... I'll let you decide how well that worked out for Satanus' legacy...!

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