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Thank You... Ron!

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flip-r mk2:
Count me in.


The Legendary Shark:
The new email address for this project is:

Van Dom:
Great idea, I'm definately up for it. I'd like to do something similar to what I did for the Carols one, a one page comic strip of some description, so if any artists wanna team up for it, lemme know!

You want to team up, Van Dom? As much as I love him my mind is massively blank :O I'd be proud to help in any way I can - !

Van Dom:
Oh believe me, Mr Foxmachine, my mind is blank as well right now...but I'll come upwith something cool before too long! So yep, let's go for it.

(And that should say "Carlos" in my previous post, not "Carols". Doh!)


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