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--- Quote from: Steve Green on 05 December, 2019, 02:45:40 PM ---Tried submitting via the contact form but the captcha failed. (Microsoft Edge Browser)

--- End quote ---

Hi Steve - when you say the Captcha failed, what actually happened? Did it display an error message? Did the Captcha ask you to do anything (e.g. one of the tests to identify things in a photo)? Is your computer behind a proxy or operating over a VPN?

Also, if you refresh the contact page and try again, do you get the same Captcha error, or does it work when you do this?

Steve Green:

Strange, it worked that time. Message sent...

I can't remember the error message, something like "CAPTCHA could not be loaded at this time"



Thanks Steve - glad it worked this time, but it does sound like there are some issues with the Captcha not always working first time that we need to investigate further

Steve Green:
Yeah, it didn't get to displaying any images, this is over work's wi-fi so not sure if that has any bearing on it not working.

We've updated the new 2000ad.com website again today with some improvements, the main front-end changes are:

Home "hero" image layout:

* On desktop the cut has been moved up the page, revealing more of the news posts underneath.
* On mobile there is now support for a mobile specific, square image (so should look better in portrait orientation on mobile)

* Video' posts now use the featured image when displayed in News (i.e. usually a square one). The 16:9 thumbnail is still used in the Videos section of the home page and on the Videos page.
* ...and a whole bunch of small layout and styling tweaks.
Hopefully these changes will make for a better experience when using the site, please let us know if you have any further feedback.


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