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Unable to renew or set up a subscription


I last had a physical subscription in 2016 .
When i go to my account  subscription section i only have the option to renew rather than delete or add a new subscription

Ideally i would like to change my subscription type from what i had previously but  I have tried several times to click renew but i keep getting an error message telling me to  retry or contact the team which i have done.

I have also update my payment card as old one was out of date.
 I am sure the subs team are super busy at the moment which i totally appreciate  and that they will get back to me at some point but just wanted to see if this was a known issue?

All sorted now my subscription needed to be re-set manually by helpdesk

And back to not working - issue with payment not being taken but card is definitely working (including making payments to the 2000ad webshop) just doesn't seem to be being processed by the subscriptions part.

Am having same problem. I've sent a message to the subs people. I am glad to know I am not the only one having problems. I just tried to order the forthcoming Tammy & Jinty special as well whilst I was there and 'Oops something went wrong' so I suspect it is the website shop having kittens not me!

Eamonn Clarke:
Yup, shop is broken.
 Trying to buy stuff and just the Whoops error message


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