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Colin YNWA:
What's better than a Prog landing on your door matt on a Saturday morning, two progs landing on your door Matt on a Saturday morning... weird I got two delievers of this Prog, have no clue why , so if anyone misses this one let me know and I'll pop my extra across... not that I think I've got someones elses, just for whatever reason two of my address sheets got printed off??

What's better than two Prog 2249 landing on your door matt on a Saturday morning... well if I'm being honest one of a good Prog... sorry this issue is weak and feels all of the issue before a relaunch Prog.

There are of course positives and they appear at the beginning and the end. Dredd ends really nicely and is a great antidote to that style that Neimand has developed, not that his normal stories are bad, just the opposite, I love them. They were however developing a theme and tone of more upbeat insights into citizens, often (not always) with upbeat endings. Here its as if he's trying to prove his range and going to the opposite end of the spectrum with a dark ending to the dark horror of this story.

Then we get the 3 in the 3riller... I mean it was just doing things by the numbers. This one washed over me I'm afraid.

And then we get to the biggest frustration of the issue the end of Skip Tracer, which feels very much like the end. Nothing said I don't see this coming back (???) but I actually hope it does... why its  not a strip I've enjoyed to date, though its been building some momentum of late. The previous story was decent, this one good, not perfect but good and the introduction of his daughter I thought could make this story move into interesting places.

Instead we get a fumbled ending. Rushed and unsatisfying. Rooted in the cliche that still blight this series and well... maybe if it'd got another go or two it could have surprised and pushed to places. My guess (???) is we'll never know now.

Another John Tomlinson Terror Tale another miss I don't have the time and energy to investigate this any deeper than the struggling surface read it got first time. It just drifted from me and gave me no reason to pull it back... nice art aside

Jaegir now this was good BUT good in relation to the rest of the Prog and if it was in a stronger Prog I'd have bemoaned the fact it was clearly placing pieces for what coming next. As it is I relished it.

So yeah alas I got two of this Prog one of the weakest I can remember for a long, long time... BUT heck fresh lineup next week and one I have much hope for. So it is with the Prog, for ever dip (and they are rare these days) there's a fresh rise just around the corner.

Cover by Paul Marshall and Dylan Teague:

Cover and Logo:

I think you've pretty much summed up how I felt reading this week's prog, Colin.  As I often observe though, the prog at half strength still beats so much else out there.  The whole concept behind the Dredd tale was an interesting one and I'm surprised it hasn't been done before.  It just felt a bit rushed overall. 

My big concern with the 3riller is that it felt a little like testing the waters for a longer series.  That being the case, there were some interesting aspects to it.  The artwork carried the tale well, there are hints of depths to the tale that could be teased out and it was reasonably well paced.

On the downside it didn't really feel like it was bringing anything new to the table.  Echoes of Carver Hale, Red Seas, American Gods or any one of a number of tales featuring pantheistic conflict.  If it is going to return then this is something that needs addressing for me.

As for Jaegir, well, what has not already been said?  Coleby's artwork goes from strength to strength, doesn't it.  This feels like a teaser to something far more substantial and it has most certainly whetted my appetite for more!  Of all the attempts to find something sustainable out of the Rogue Trooper ashes, this really has been something of a treat.

As for next week ... well, is that a McMahon cover I see before me?  Scarlet Traces is back!  Out with the Out!  Tidy ...

As we end our mini-run I am ready for something new and fresh. This prog was more on the weaker side so yes roll-out the new carpet.

Dredd – Another goody by Niemand a little bit short but still a nice 3-parter. Percival’s art was made for this, and the full creep-o-meter set to full blast.

The Mask of Laverna – Not a bad 3riller and it is setting things up for a return either as another 3riller or a full-blown series.

Skip – if this is the last series, I can see a lot of people (especially on the forum) rejoicing by dancing naked around a bonfire drinking dark ale and howling at the moon. Back to the story yes, it is quite generic but for me it was always readable. The ending is not that surprising with Nolan and his daughter hiding away on some remote planet with new identities.

Terror Tales – Another disappointing tale and again coming from a seasoned writer. I expected more and to be frank rather try an upcoming writer.

Jaegir – Well I am quite disappointed not at the story that is awesome as always but when can we have this back? Great work from Rennie and Coleby just love this series. Top marks this prog again.


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