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Meg 439 - Snow Mercy

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Ah. Now I think about it, I never read all of that, because once I got part-way through and realised the audio was online I’d always planned to sit down and listen to it. Oops. So just old and forgetful in an entirely different way.

Colin YNWA:
Lovely X-mas Meg behind a nice Lee Carter Cover - according to the Thrillcast his first, how the hell is that the case?!?

Leads off with a hardcore Dredd from Ken Niemand. Leaning in hard into the Dredd bastard trope, but does so nicely.

Death Cap... well its set up as a typical revenge western, set up nicely but I suspect this will take us somewhere a little more interesting down the line? I mean I love a revenge western so I like this, but its going to become something more ... right...

Diamond Dogs - its just so okay, well art aside, I love the art, its just so okay.

Lawless well with the cast Dabnett and Winslade can pretty much do anything, play with things as much as they like can't they and they show that here. They just spin the series into a wonderfully different place and it sharp and funny as we've come to expect and then sets up more at the end. Perfert comics

Surfer interesting opener, but has place to run, or surf before I get exactly what this is going to become.

Decent text pieces and an interesting selection in the floppie... but we all just waiting for Hawk the Slayer there right!

Good meg which if a couple of stories develop as I hope they might will become a stella line-up I suspect.

I liked the Dredd - the Niemand droid is filling Al Ewing's regs nicely on Dredd, but the end was a bit harsh.  We haven't really seen that side of Dredd for a while, and I've never been a fan of the Alan Grant school of making Dredd a mouthy bigot.  What happened to his 'keen sense of justice'? 

Lawless is great stuff, of course.

Dead Cap - bit light on story, but it's early days yet.  Is it going to be an Unforgiven homage?  Garth Ennis will be sending his lawyers round - only one person is allowed to rip off Unforgiven.

The only other one I read was Surfer.  Now we're talking, my fellow squaxx - this is Wagner and McNeil at their best, and that's saying something.  Mega-citizen banter, mouthy robots, and, well, sky-surfing - no one writes them like Wagner.  I like the 'fugging' thing too - for some reason I prefer the Judges to keep 'drokk' and the citizens to have their own swear words.  It struck me that the dad could be Flip Tillis, though maybe that's a bit of a stretch. Can't wait to see how this pans out.

Haven't read the text story or Diamond Dogs yet, but that Juvie Jovus nativity story in the floppy is a reminder of how brilliant Al Ewing was at the Dredd one-offs. 

The surfer meta-joke about writing choppers death was too good. Great xmas Meg.

I’ve read the rest now. Death Cap in all honesty makes me realise these days how intolerant I am of stories that fridge children. I’m not up with that. Perhaps the story will improve, but I don’t really care at this point, which isn’t ideal for something that only just started. Diamond Dogs is fine, but is just kind of there. I don’t mind it, but it hasn’t really excited me and I suspect it never will now.

The floppy was fun—a selection of ‘festive’ Dredd tales. It’s also interesting to see how different interpretations of Dredd can be.


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