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Richard S.:
absolutely - had to snag that image for posterity

Richard S.:
Norman Pett produced a number of 'Jane (of the Daily Mirror') books - mainly illustrations, but some comic strips in them. This one's from 1942. Contains some NSFW images (hence posting on a Sunday)

Richard S.:
I've updated my (complete?) guide to the reprints of the Warhammer comic (1998-2004) as I've found another reprint volume - that's 58 in total now! Stories set in the #40k universe and in classic #WFRP

Richard S.:
'The grand illusion' cover art by Ron Turner (not everyone's favourite artist for 2000AD I know but hey-ho, I cover all sorts of stuff on the blog)

Richard S.:
These are more of my images of some of the original art on display at 'Lawless'


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