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Prog 2275 - Dive, Dive, Dive!

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Colin YNWA:
Intestinauts in for The Order, not the best swap, but its not terrible. That aside, well.

Dredd we spend hours talking about Wagner but jez Dan Cornwell is knocking this one out the park. Dredd and the cadets  and others break into The Citadel, the purpose of which is made clear. Still room for understanding where this is going, but so far the journey is the thing.

Kingmaker end with a return and a promise of more to come. The next book is well and truly set up and I'm looking forward to getting there.

Intestinauts looks astonishing and is a cute intro.

Fiends - well wow - that shifted and its an incredibly dramatic episode with quite the reveal then another reveal. Wonderful stuff.

All of which is put into perspective by Brink good as the rest is there little to match this. A strip with two scenes and so much. Just perfect comics.

So its a down tick, but damn it a down tick from a high and it not a bad one. Three strips are just exception and the other two ain't bad at all, so we're still doing okay. With Hope swopping in for Kingmaker we're going to continue doing okay I suspect.

Cover by Pye Parr:

Cover and Logo:

A good prog and it certainly feels little bit emptier without Vex but still a good prog.

Dredd – Now we know what the Citadel is but what will happen next is anyone’s guess. Cornwell has come a long way and his art is improving with each outing.

Kingmaker – Interesting episode as it leads as into what will come next. This whole series read more like a connector between arcs. It is like reading a trilogy and then reading the story between part 1 and part 2 of the trilogy. But still bring on the next chapter.

Intestinauts – This is one of those thrills that is a nice distraction of reality it is “silly” and “stupid” but in an enjoyable way. A wacky world created by the creative team.

Fiends – A great episode as old enemies and “allies” return to the fold. Edginton keeps on adding layers to the world of Constanta.
Brink – Well this episode feels eerie as the plot gets more intriguing. I like the way the two different storylines are told, and the intertwining treats are weaved. Another great episode.

A great and eye-catching cover, and an actual guffaw from Damage Report, before we’re into part 6 of The Citadel. It’s grim. It’s fine. I’m still not feeling it. Sorry, John.

Kingmaker is a combination of exposition, man bush and next-series set-up with a massive glowy spaceship. Nice enough, but very much “we’re done for now”.

Intestinauts: I thought this was breezy fun. It looks great and it barrels along. KNIVES AND KNIVES AND KNIVES.

Fiends was a standout, given it’s blimey twist. And then, for good measure, it manages to get even weirder before the end. I’m genuinely baffled by the readers irked about this series existing and pointing at the original run. They are different beats; and for me, this strip is a standout.

Brink continues to Brink. I’ve a sneaking suspicion it’s going to be masterful when read as a single block. I’m also glad to hear that it’s taking up semi-permanent residency long into the summer. About time 2000 AD did some much longer tales.

So, for me this week it’s: Fiends > Intestinauts | Brink > Kingmaker > Dredd. All very readable. And Brimful has also made it to where I started on 2000 AD. Lord knows what it’ll be saying in a few weeks from now, when it’s deep in 2000 AD’s nadir.


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