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Prog 2277 - Dredd Reckoning!

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Colin YNWA:
"Dredd Reckoning"... that's gotta have been used before... right... surely...

Anyway once I accept that Intestinauts is that good this review pretty much copy and pastes from last week. A smidge up here, a smidge down there but essentially a F**KIN' AMAZING COMIC.

Dredd - This one blast into action to slap us out of the intrigue by sheer force of will. But its there... its there... we just don't really know quite what... made this one could become something very good...

Brink is utterly brilliant. A chat and then a walk and talk has never been this good or this creepy and this effective in the context of this or any other tale. This is just utterly magnificent. I also really want Dabnett and INJ to find a way to delve into the past at some point and find a story that expands upon the original building of the Habs - that's a bloody great story in there somewhere... for now though this will more than bloody do.

Hope YIKES - I mean this is just hard boiled set up but its bloody effective hard boiled setup. Simply fantastic. That grin creep the sh*te out of me!

Intestinauts I mean its just really, really good fun isn't it and 'War of the Fatberg' next prog under the image of Bowelbots dropping in - who doesn't want to read that right!

Fiends I think I've worn out my '!' key so so its a good drop that Fiends, while excellent is probably a tiny bit down on last weeks absolutely supreme episode... then that final panel "Shhh now. Do not fret child. Let me fetch my thread, sew and mend, then together we will have our vengenance..." just chuffin' wonderful! (one more it would seem)

Absolutely cracking 5 for 5 prog this one.

Cover by Dan Cornwell:

Cover and Logo:

Alas I'm not a subscriber anymore, so I'll have to wait till Wednesday, BUT... isn't that a massive spoiler in the cover tagline?

Tecnically, any shock involving even one Dredd is a "clone cop shock".


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