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Prog 2280 - High-Octane Sci-Fi Action!

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Barrington Boots:
My first prog not to be a week late for months and it's a Regened one. Ho hum. Anyway, here's my take:

Very nice work on the cover but a shame it has no relevance to the Dredd story inside.

Cadet Dredd – As with previous Cadet Dredds, I believe this is the weakest thing in the comic. It sits between two worlds (adult Dredd and a more sanitised all-ages version) whilst scoring in neither, it requires knowledge of backstory that isn't explained, and the story isn't even that interesting.

Lowborn High – I think the concept of a sort of council house Hogwarts is a good one. Bright attractive art, diverse cast and a neat theme, this one feels like a winner to me for the Regened concept and I wouldn't be surprised if this is the next one to get a longer run.

Future Shock – Thought this was a good future shock, I agree with broodblik that it's the best one we've had in Regened to date. Had the end taken a negative twist rather than a positive one it could have run in the regular prog. I very much liked the fridge, too.

The Unteachables – This was nothing special but if it's a setup for more stories then it works. For me the best bit was the substitute teacher fighting her way through the wasteland to get to the school. Whilst not normally my thing, the artwork was cheerful and seems very reminiscent of what I see my nephew and neice reading.

Chopper – Very much not a fan of this sanitised reimagined version of Chopper. No more of this please. Outside of existing 2000ad readers Chopper isn't enough of a recognisable name, imo, to be worth doing 'young Chopper' stories and they leave a bad taste. However this was better than the last young Chopper strip and the story was ok.

I've definitely had worse Regened reads!

My feeling is that Lowborn High and The Unteachables were a bit too similar to each other, both school stories with ensemble casts. Of the two, I preferred the former. Harry Potter done 2000AD style, with a focus on working-class characters, is perhaps 20 years too late, but I suppose the release of the latest Fantastic Beasts movie makes it sort of topical again.

Overall, this is the first Regened prog that I enjoyed in its own right and didn't just think "oh well, it's for kids, I'm not the target audience." Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. There's a part of me that thinks that Regened shouldn't appeal to old farts like me. But if the kids enjoy it as well, then I suppose there's no harm done.

I know I'll get hammered for this, but I still think in these days of needing every galactic groat and all that, I'm paying £5 for something that I don't want and won't read.

This issue is great... for kids. The stories are aimed at this audience (7-12 year olds?) and fair play 2000AD for supplying a comic for them that's bright and zany and wacky like the Beano or Whizzer & Chips.

I would just like to opt out of them please.

Colin YNWA:
Started reading this last night but got distracted by some football match or other so only finished it tonight. And much like last night its a prog of two halves... well kinda... almost.

Dredd enjoyed this one. I really enjoy the interplay between Dredd and Rico and it worked well here, just a shame that Rico got sidelined half way through. Still leaves a satisfying conclusion - even if the art does rather POINT YOU to want you need to notice.

Lowborn High does what classic 2000ad did so well. Takes a popular entertainment world hit and twist it. He Harry Potter takes a trip to the council estate. It does this age old trick, but with new tricks. Nice diverse cast, fun story and satisfying ending to lead to more. The art wasn't to my tastes but I reckon it would hit the nail on the head of the target audience... I will enquiry with the Girl Child.

Future Shock really enjoyed this one. So it was twist light but I loved Rosie and damn was it a quietly dark tale. Great stuff and probably my favourite in the comic.

The Unteachables OOOOOHHHH so close and in being close it was really frustrating. Loved the art, but it seemed to try to cover too much ground. Introducing the teacher - did enjoy that, then the mystery of the disappearances THEN the reintroduction of Arthur at the end. Just a little too much for any of it to gell fully. Shame as it has such potential. Hopefully next time...

Chopper loved the first one, this one wasn't as good. A steady opening ate too much space and lead to a cluttered unsatisfying ending. The concept of a giant robot game of shuggy with boingers as the ball AND IT GETS RUSHED. I mean the opening could have been like 2 or 3 pages and the main course would have had room to build and get an ending as it is a frustrating failure. Again though I'd love to see this back as it was close to being as fun as the first one.

So yeah liked the first 3 thrills but was totally frustrated by the final two, but interestingly in a way I'd like to see both again to see that they can do it better next time as they were so close this.

Overall decent Prog.

Middling for me.? Lowborn High was the best of the bunch.


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