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Star Trek: Strange new Worlds

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The Legendary Shark:

Just watched Episode One and it wasn't bad at all. A couple of clanky moments aside, and a clanger (what happened to the rest of the USS Archer's crew? Maybe they said but I missed it), I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. Best of all, this iteration seems to be going back to the episode-of-the-week format - which I was wingeing about on the Picard thread. Optimism levels set to mildly cautious, interest buffers nominal, enjoyment factor six - punch it!

The Legendary Shark:

Episode 2, Children of the Comet, and this is the Star Trek I've been waiting for. Discovery and Picard certainly have their moments but this feels like (at long last) the real deal.

Watched the first episode and enjoyed it, feels much more like classic Trek than any of the newer Trek series.

Funt Solo:
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds | Series Premiere | Full Episode

The Legendary Shark:

Episode four really gave me a kick, an instant classic in my book, easily on a par with TOS's Balance of Terror. I am loving this series on all kinds of levels.


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