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Forum’s Favourite Thrill - Rogue Trooper vs. Time Twister Round 3 Heat 19

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Link Prime:
The iconic Rogue Trooper.

Colin YNWA:
Almost time here and there'd need to be a twist in the tail for this one to turn around on the last day... do you see it, do you see what I did... good huh... well I thought it was. They'll be a result in the morning regardless.

Rogue trooper

Colin YNWA:

Rogue Trooper isn't setting this tourney on fire the way I was expecting. I get that as I've never liked the series, art aside, but thought I was very much in the minority. Now I'll not get carried away its beaten a well loved series of one off here, one that produced some of the all time greats and it won well. But not with a clear confidence. Time Twisters really does have some beauties but as ever with the one-off series consistancy is the issue. Both Future Shocks and Time Twisters have gone is there much hope for the rest now? We'll see but we can say

Rogue Trooper

Is Gunnar be in Round 4.

Funt Solo:

--- Quote from: Colin YNWA on 27 May, 2022, 06:14:17 AM ---Rogue Trooper

Is Gunnar be in Round 4.

--- End quote ---

*apple sauce*


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