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Sideshow Vote II: BFG no man it is GFD

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He is one off the most underrated writers in the history of the prog and created some of the most memorable characters. We are talking about Gerry Finley-Day (GFD). This is an easy question, what is GFD’s bets creation for the prog:
-   The VCs
-   Rogue Trooper
-   Fiends of the Eastern Front
-   Harry 20
-   Black Hawk (Tornado)
-   Ant Wars

Colin YNWA:
Well we already know the answer is

Ant Wars

close the vote.


--- Quote from: Colin YNWA on 25 May, 2022, 06:16:35 AM ---Well we already know the answer is

Ant Wars

close the vote.

--- End quote ---

Some people might go rogue on you or even use a vacuum cleaner but hopefully you are not siting on a high rock

I note that the cover for the upcoming 'Best of Gerry Finley-Day' fails to have Ant Wars shown on there. but it MUST be on the inside, surely..?

I'm voting Fiends of the Eastern Front, please. But Ant Wars might be a close second in terms of both having a simple, well-told idea told efficiently and excitingly. Frankly, though, that list of 6 options is astonishingly good! His episodes of Invasion and Dan Dare are pretty good, too.

The VC's


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