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Sideshow Vote II: I molded this piece of clay into a masterpiece

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Ian Gibson is another early one from Robot Wars to the end of Luna-1.  Even though it's a different uniform the general build and shape changed a bit in those times.

To an extent, I think more artists have tried to make their work look like Bolland than have ever tried to ape McMahon or Smith, but it seems to take them so long I'm not sure it counts as massively influential. (Bolland didn't actually draw that many episodes of Dredd, but he still managed more than e.g. Robinson, Weston, Sharp and Foster)

I'd count Kennedy, Flint and Lynch as acolytes of the McMahon school, but even then I think a lot fo the energy they bring kinda comes from Smith. As Huey2 says above, he worked on the strip for so long during arguably its most popular period, and as such set an eternal template for Dredd and his world as a place that has loony energy, darkly comic violence with a sarcastic, quippy central 'hero' in Dredd himself. So I'm voting Smith, but really he was following McMahon's lead.

Interstingly all three artists drew Dredd as pretty wiry, while these days I tend to picture him as more muscular - maybe that's a change from Ezquerra's later work on the character?

Colin YNWA:
The more this one perculates in my noggin the more I wonder if the right answer is Ron Smith. Not cos of his Dredd but rather the way he truly defined the citizens of Mega City One that are so fundament to the series as a whole... I need to rumniate some more...

As always you can change your vote as many times as you want it is your last vote that counts.

Also I have added Ian Gibson as an option as well

Man this is a tricky one.  I'm not sure that there is a definitive answer.  I mean, Smith is responsible for some of the more bizarre aspects of citizenry but I always felt like he never really got the cityscape as it should be for MC1.  Bolland's characters and close-ups are always things of beauty but he suffers the same weaknesses as Smith. 

McMahon is probably the most rounded of the three in that respect, honouring Ezquerra's early vision of the city, providing a supporting cast of utterly bizarre characters and vehicles that fit this surreal world.  This is referring to early McMahon mind.  Modern McMahon is a different beast again.

I would also have to ask about iconic moments.  We've got "Gaze into the fist of Dredd" for instance.  With McMahon we've got those classic Cursed Earth covers.  I struggle to think of a comparable one for Smith.

So I guess for me it's McMahon, then Bolland then Smith.


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