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Hang on to your dissapointment it's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen pics!

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Here's a nice little link which as far as I know was discovered by the all seeing Watcher.Link: My God! They finally did it!

Here's another from him, freshly plucked from the chatroom.Link: My God! They finally did it again!

Queen Firey-Bou:
nope thats definately not a 14th C italian poet.

whos the white shirt goatie acktor ?

and  er could i actually ask just what the hell LoEG is/ was gonna be ...a film obviously , i stupidly assumed yous were on about the league of gentlemen -sicko humor guys..

sorry for being a crap comic buff there, but i have led a sheltered existence in celt-opia.

That Nemo is yet another case of what looks good on page doesn't look too good when made flesh. Shame really as they seem to have copied O'Neills design exactly.

oohh.. they look a bit pants, but to be fair, they might do some serious colour tweaking in post production which'll give it that extra pizaz.


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